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Excellent and reliable construction services in North and Central Jersey.

Being a family-run business contractor and skilled labor provider, we pride ourselves in meeting the complex and evolving challenges of our clients within the guaranteed time frame. Whether the need is structural or aesthetic, you can trust us to make your property feel like new again

Cannizzo Construction is a licensed and insured general contractor that offers professional construction services to a growing number of clients. From chimney, siding & painting, masonry, and other renovation services, we offer reliable, fast, and cost-effective solutions, serving Northern and Central New Jersey area and beyond.

Using top-quality materials and employing a highly experienced staff has allowed us to create a solid foundation for our business with our dedicated construction experts and unmatched customer service. By possessing extensive construction experience and a core belief in continuous improvement, we provide quality finishes for any project that comes our way.


In an environment where construction costs are escalating, and administrative requirements are becoming increasingly complex, Cannizzo Construction is proud to offer the highest quality handling residential property needs from start to finish to suit different budgets and schedules.

✔We put the same amount of pride into every job we do, no matter how large or small.
✔Fast and reliable construction services provided by our experienced technicians.
✔We ensure each customer receives the highest level of professional service. Our exceptional customer service builds loyalty.

We offer an on-time, personalized, safe, and friendly service that will go above and beyond in servicing your needs.
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Specialties: Home Repairs, Painting, Siding, Masonry, HVAC, Roof Maintenance, Home Remodeling, Siding Installation, and Siding Repair

Construction services in North and Central Jersey

Cannizzo Construction is your resource for you to rely on now and into the future for any of your construction projects in NJ.

We are more than happy to answer your questions, provide free estimates at your location.

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